Democrats Push Unethical Elections Bill

A new state law backed by the state’s Democratic majority to change election law to their own self-serving political advantages, stifle the ability of the Republican party to fill office vacancies, and place meaningless non-binding questions on the ballot to drive Democrat voters to the polls is now on hold.

Earlier this week Sangamon County Judge Gail Noll granted a preliminary injunction, meaning the law temporarily cannot be enforced. A portion of the law that would prevent the existing slating process in state elections has been a key issue with the court. The slating process currently allows a political party to put forward candidates for the general election in races that are open because no one from that party ran in the primary election.

House Republicans refused the House Democrats’ political game and stood united with a “present” vote on the bill, SB2412. “This united position is about providing checks and balances much needed in state government,” said House Minority Leader Tony McCombie.

The next court date to address this matter is set for June 3rd.