FY25 State Budget Update

The Illinois General Assembly has finalized the work of the 2024 spring legislative Session. Shortly after 4:30 AM last Wednesday morning, House Democrats raised taxes on citizens and businesses to the tune of $1 billion in order to pay for around a billion dollars in new spending on services like healthcare for non-citizens and pork projects for Democrat districts. 

House Republican Floor Leader Patrick Windhorst (Metropolis) was a key player in debating the budget bills. Rep. Windhorst cited House Rule 72, which allows only two votes on a motion to concur. Democrats broke their own House Rules requiring a third vote to pass their revenue enhancement package.

Despite holding 78 seats in the chamber, it took Democrats three tries to reach the 60 votes needed to approve more than $1.1 billion in revenue increases, including a tax hike on sportsbooks and businesses, to balance the $53.1 billion spending plan for fiscal year 2025. 

“I think it should be clear to everyone in this state what this super majority is willing to do to ram a tax increase down the throats of the citizens of Illinois at 4:30 in the morning,” Windhorst said, his voice eventually rising to a shout. “Three votes! Three votes!”