Democrats’ Election Law Change Blocked by Court

Earlier this week, Sangamon County Judge Gail Noll ruled to block a change to the state’s election law, that was pushed forward this Spring by Democrats, aiming to protect incumbents in the upcoming election cycle.

The law in question, which would stifle the ability of the Republican party to fill office vacancies, and place meaningless non-binding questions on the ballot to drive Democrat voters to the polls, faced united Republican opposition in both the Illinois House and Senate. In the ruling handed down Wednesday, Judge Noll echoed Republican concerns that this law changed the rules in the middle of the game.

“The General Assembly could make the revisions effective for the next election, rather than in the midst of the current election,” Noll wrote in her 12-page order. “Changing the rules relating to ballot access in the midst of an election cycle removes certainty from the election process and is not necessary to achieve the legislation’s proffered goal.”

Above: House Minority Leader Tony McCombie stood alongside Republican lawmakers to denounce the unethical elections law change pushed by Democrats this spring; Republicans were united in a ‘present’ vote against the bill.

While the ruling does not mean the law is entirely null and void, it is inapplicable for this year’s general election. Read more details about the lawsuit and consequent ruling here:’