FY 25 Budget Signed into Law

On Wednesday, House Minority Leader Tony McCombie discussed the newly signed FY25 state budget, noting that it puts taxpayers in a tough spot.

“It’s another bloated budget,” Leader McCombie said. “Every year I say the same thing. This is the biggest budget we’ve ever passed in Illinois $53.1 billion this year, that has close to a billion dollars in tax increases.”

The tax hikes McCombie references will put businesses and families in difficult positions. When the budget first passed in the early morning hours of May 29, McCombie called it “a negligent political document that comes at a massive price to Illinois families.”

For McCombie, the bloat in the budget comes from $625 million in dedicated “political projects in addition to more taxpayer-funded benefits for noncitizens, and politician pay raises all of which come at the expense of the state’s most vulnerable residents.”

Watch more of McCombie’s remarks here: https://abc7chicago.com/post/illinois-governor-jb-pritzker-sign-53-billion-budget/14913775.