Celebrating National Ag Week

National Agriculture Week is an opportunity to celebrate all the farmers, farmworkers, ranchers, fishers, foresters, and other agricultural workers for all they do to put food on our tables and support our economy.

In Illinois, agriculture goes far beyond corn and soybeans. Illinois has good soil and a favorable climate, among other factors, making the state a top grower of several specialty crops. The agriculture industry has a huge impact on the economy, to the tune of nearly $25 billion.

Last week House Minority Leader Tony McCombie launched a “Women in Ag” advisory group, to draw more women into the conversation about the importance of agriculture in the state–and to hear their concerns about legislation that will impact their industry. For McCombie, the goal is to “bring women together, celebrate their impact to agriculture and be a resource for each other. I see this group as an opportunity for women to work together to gain a better understanding of legislation and programs to promote Illinois’ largest economic driver.”